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As you may or may not know there are many individuals in the medical, dental, vision and other medical associated fields that swear by the usage of scrubs. Scrubs very closely resemble sweats in format but they are made out of a different fabric so they are lighter in weight which makes them much easier to work in. The scrub uniform consists of a top and bottom but there are so many variations that you can stand two people wearing scrubs next to each other and they can look very differently. The scrub is the single most popular garment to wear if you are in these professions.

The scrub originated with surgeons. It was the outfit that they changed into just before they were to go into the scrub room to wash their hands. This is where the term originally came from. For many years surgeons were the primary group of medical professionals that wore the scrub uniform. This spread to the assistants in the surgery room including the nurses and technicians. Eventually anyone that had any reason to go into a surgical room during a surgery would put on scrubs first. This started the expansion of the uniform from the surgical ward to other wards.


Surgeons soon started to do their post-op rounds with a clean pair of scrubs on. Usually they did this because they were going to be back in surgery soon and they needed to be prepared. Sometimes it was just because they liked them more and they were more comfortable than lab coats. Soon medical personnel that supported the surgeries also started to wear scrubs such as the lab technicians and others. Eventually hospitals started to ease their dress code requirements and the scrub uniform became optional for many of the medical personnel at the facility.

As soon as hospitals started to allow the scrub uniform some of the doctors who had private practices began to allow their office staff to wear them as well and the scrub uniform began to appear in private practices. From there the use of the scrub mushroomed into just about every facet of the medical field and is now an accepted part of the dress code within almost all medical facilities. Although the traditional uniform is still worn or mandated by some, it is by far the minority amongst many of the job types you will run into at a medical facility.

The reason scrubs have taken off in popularity is because of their comfort and their functionality. You can do your job and feel good while you do it. For many people this is a win-win and not something they would easily give up. The ability to wear something that fits nice and loose, has lots of pockets for lots of things and can keep you cool or warm depending on the scrub uniform you are wearing is very beneficial to many. The scrub has been around for a very long time and with its new found fashion statement they are probably not going anywhere for a long long time to come.

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