Colleges offering admission to displaced New Orleans students

See the discussion page for instructions on adding schools to this list and for an alphabetically arranged listing of schools.Thursday, September 15, 2005

Enrollment dates for many schools have passed, and will be indicated next to the school’s entry under the by-state list. Update will take place in the next few days.Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Due to the damage by Hurricane Katrina and subsequent flooding, a number of colleges and universities in the New Orleans metropolitan area will not be able to hold classes for the fall 2005 semester. It is estimated that 75,000 to 100,000 students have been displaced. [1]. In response, institutions across the United States and Canada are offering late registration for displaced students so that their academic progress is not unduly delayed. Some are offering free or reduced admission to displaced students. At some universities, especially state universities, this offer is limited to residents of the area.

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Wikinews interviews 2020 Melbourne Lord Mayor Candidate Wayne Tseng

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Thursday, October 22, 2020

2020 Melbourne Lord Mayor candidate Wayne Tseng answered some questions about his campaign for the upcoming election from Wikinews. The Lord Mayor election in the Australian city is scheduled to take place this week.

Tseng runs a firm called eTranslate, which helps software developers to make the software available to the users. In the candidate’s questionnaire, Tseng said eTranslate had led to him working with all three tiers of the government. He previously belonged to the Australian Liberal Party, but has left since then, to run for mayorship as an independent candidate.

Tseng is of Chinese descent, having moved to Australia with his parents from Vietnam. Graduated in Brisbane, Tseng received his PhD in Melbourne and has been living in the city, he told Wikinews. Tseng also formed Chinese Precinct Chamber of Commerce, an organisation responsible for many “community bond building initiatives”, the Lord Mayor candidate told Wikinews.

Tseng discussed his plans for leading Melbourne, recovering from COVID-19, and “Democracy 2.0” to ensure concerns of minorities in the city were also heard. Tseng also focused on the importance of the multi-culture aspect and talked about making Melbourne the capital of the aboriginals. Tseng also explained why he thinks Melbourne is poised to be a world city by 2030.

Tseng’s deputy Lord Mayor candidate Gricol Yang is a Commercial Banker and works for ANZ Banking Group.

Currently, Sally Capp is the Lord Mayor of Melbourne, the Victorian capital. Capp was elected as an interim Lord Mayor in mid-2018 after the former Lord Mayor Robert Doyle resigned from his position after sexual assault allegations. Doyle served as the Lord Mayor of Melbourne for almost a decade since 2008.

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Choosing Cemetery: Benefits Of Granite Headstones

Choosing Cemetery: Why granite headstones?

Following are the benefits granite offers to those who use it to make grave markers.

  1. Durability

Granite does not get easily spoiled like marble. And, it is capable of withstanding harsh weather to a great extent. It absorbs water eliminating the damages like cracks during winter.

  1. Flexibility

This is the material offering utmost flexibility when it comes to customization. Draw or scratch anything you want here; it will appear in the way you want.

  1. Stylish appearance

Granite is available in the color you choose. The change is dependent on the types of minerals present in it. Whatever is the situation, granite allows you to express your love for the deceased in the way you want.

Buy online

The material is decided and you have to search for a reliable dealer offering the same at an affordable rate. This search will take you to an online retailer. Given below are some of the benefits you can get if you go online.

  1. Huge savings

Most of the renowned online retailers offer high-quality products at affordable rates. They make this possible by taking measures to avoid middlemen from the trade. They buy the stones from quarries directly and customize the same on their own. This way, they pass on the savings they get in the form of overhead expenses. Just make sure that you buy from a reputed retailer.

  1. Your rights are protected

FTC allows online retailers to sell products and services related to the funeral. This is done in an effort to encourage healthy competition and regulate the price. But, certain cemeteries are reluctant to leave their dominance. They force grieving families to buy everything at an exorbitant rate. The only benefit they offer is a one-stop store for everything generally needed. But, a bit of research on online dealers will not only save you from this pressure, but also relieve you from the financial burden.

  1. Shopping at your own pace

When shopping from your local store, you may be forced to satisfy with what you get within your budget. Here, you stay safe from all sorts of pressures. Explore as much as you want and choose the one designed for you. Retailers may even give you an idea of how much you will pay for a specific item. If you are fortunate enough, you may even get a look of the monument with the customizations you prefer.

  1. Amazing variety at your own home

When shopping from local stores, your choices are quite limited. You will have to wander from shop to shop just for a single item. When buying online, this trouble gets eliminated. You are able to explore as much variety you want from your own home. Some stores even offer free shipping to selected cities or States.

Practice utmost caution when choosing cemetery and buy granite headstones from an online retailer. Your bank account will thank you for it!

Drug-resistant staph deaths surpass AIDS in the United States

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), a drug-resistant strain of bacteria, killed nearly 19,000 Americans in 2005 alone, according to a new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association. That is more people than were killed by AIDS in the United States. More than 94,000 Americans were afflicted with MRSA infections in 2005.

Although the supergerm, or superbug, is primarily found in hospitals, a growing number of cases have been contracted at public gyms and schools. In Moneta, Virginia, a high school senior died from an infection that spread to his kidney, liver, lungs and heart. In Bedford County, where Moneta is located, school officials have reported five cases of the Methicillin-resistant strain of the Staph bacteria. County officials closed the schools to clean them.

“Certainly, MRSA now has to be viewed as a very important target for prevention and control,” said Dr. David A. Talan, an infectious diseases specialist at Olive View-UCLA Medical Center.

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Japanese tsunami impacts California coastal town

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The tsunami caused by Japan’s magnitude 8.9 quake on Friday destroyed the commercial fishing harbor of Crescent City, California, a coastal town still recovering from a devastating tsunami in 1964. Although most of the fishing boats were removed in advance, the 198 docking slips that the harbor had provided for boats, enabling the livelihoods of the fishing crews, were lost.

Harbormaster Richard Young said that the harbor is destroyed. “We’re facing not only physical but financial disaster,” he said during a briefing. “Our business activity came to a screeching halt yesterday, and that affects the entire community.” Councilwoman Kelly Schellong said, “This is going to have a trickle-down effect beyond the lost jobs.”

Crescent City’s unemployment rate was 13 percent before Friday’s tsunami destroyed its commerical fishing industry.

The 1964 tsunami that hit Crescent City killed 11, demolished the harbor and heavily damaged large portions of the business district. Although the city subsequently rebuilt, another tsunami again damaged the harbor in 2006. The city was in the midst of reconstructing the harbor when Friday’s tsunami hit. The harbor is surrounded by land and a breakwater built after the 1964 disaster. The tsunami’s huge waves entered through a small opening provided for the entrance and exit of boats.

Lori Dengler, director of the Humboldt Earthquake Education Center, says Friday’s tsunami was one of as many as 38 tsunamis to strike Crescent City within the last 78 years. She calls the city a “tsunami magnet” because of the topography of the ocean floor that contributes to its vulnerability. She also blames the breakwater built after the 1964 tsunami because it traps tsunami waves in the harbor, causing them to boil and churn.

A county supervisor found the view painful on Saturday as she surveyed the wreckage accompanied by state officials. She is hoping they will provide emergency assistance. “We don’t have the financial resources,” she said. “We need money. That’s what it takes to fix thingsā€¦. Our poor little harbor.”

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Utilizing Drill Bits For A Wall}

Submitted by: Jonathan Morleson

Many people think it is easier and cheaper to do their basic around the house fittings by hand instead of hiring a professional to do them. There is nothing wrong with this particular approach, but some care needs to be taken when you’re drilling holes into walls.

It’s not as simple as getting drill bits for a wall and simply making a hole within the plaster. You have to consider a number of different aspects.

The first is the location of the hole. If you can see the spot that the bricks meet, it is a good option to drill there. Drill bits for a wall manage the softer brickwork much better than the much denser brick. You will stand less potential for blunting your drill bit or causing harm to your drill.

YouTube Preview Image

In addition, you need to consider the depth of the hole. Don’t drill to deeply. Many walls incorporate electrical wiring and drilling might damage these if your drill bits for a wall go too deep and strike a cable.

You will want to make use of the right type of drill bits for a wall. In order to decide what type of drill bits for a wall you need, you need to know what kind of material you are likely to be drilling into. A drill bit that may handle plaster may not be equipped to handle concrete or masonry, while a drill bit which is too thick or too rough may cause a great deal of damage to the surrounding areas.

Just how much pressure must you put on the drill? You will need to put enough pressure on the drill to keep the drill bits for a wall in place, yet not to use all of your strength as that could break the drill bit or perhaps the drill itself.

Use the appropriate drill. The best drill is a hammer drill. Simply because a standard drill cuts into fibrous material while a hammer drill utilizes a mixture of two actions – hammering to break the aggregate material and also scooping out the bits that will break loose. That is why a standard drill works better for materials such as wood while a hammer drill works more effectively for man-made substances.

And the right kind of screws. The screws you employ need to be sufficiently strong to handle the weight that is going to be put on them or they will either break or pull free from their moorings.

In addition, you have to make sure to protect yourself correctly. The dust and dirt can easily get into your eyes and lungs, therefore you need to wear safety goggles and a dust mask to protect yourself from this. It’s also an extremely noisy operation and it’s also smart to wear ear plugs to protect your sensitive ear drums from the noise.

So, as you can see, using drill bits for a wall is not as easy as affixing the drill bit to any drill you have available and running riot with it. You need to be careful about where you drill and just how deep you decide to go and you have to protect yourself from the inevitable debris and noise.

About the Author: For more information about drill bits for wall surfaces visit the website


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Interview with Sean Semper-Whyte, City Council candidate for Ward 6 in Mississauga, Canada

Saturday, September 23, 2006

The upcoming 2006 Mississauga municipal election, to be held November 13, features an array of candidates looking to represent their wards in city council.

Wikinews contributor Nicholas Moreau has contacted as many candidates as possible, including Sean Semper-Whyte, asking them to answer common questions sent in an email. There is no incumbent in the ward; also competing for the position are Matanat Khan, Olive Rose Steele, Terry Pierce, Jr., Ron Starr, and former MP Carolyn Parrish.

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Dove ad viewed more than 3 million times on YouTube

Saturday, November 4, 2006

An advertisement for Dove beauty products has been viewed by well over three million people, without ever being on television. A copywriter from Ogilvy Toronto, the advertising agency that created a spot named “evolution”, uploaded the advertisement to video sharing website YouTube.

While the official upload of the ad itself has been viewed 1,119,262 times, there are dozens of copies of the ad on YouTube, adding to a minimum of 3,059,546 views. The official copy of the video is the website’s 12th most viewed this month, 53rd of all time.

Unofficial uploads have each received high levels of viewership, with 449595, 445322, 207906, 201670, 195265, 116501, and 102634 plays.

The agency did not originally intend to upload the video to YouTube, only display it on the company’s homepage. Staff member Tim Piper uploaded it to his account on October 6, about a week before it first got media coverage on Good Morning America.

The ad begins with a woman walking into a photo shoot. From there, she is primped and plucked by hair and makeup artists, then tweaked on a Photoshop-like program. The photo-manipulation is then posted on a billboard for the fictional “Easel Foundation Makeup” brand. Two young, teenage girls walk past, glancing at the board. “No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted” ends the ad in text, “Every girl deserves to feel beautiful just the way she is.”

The creative team for the ad included Tim Piper, Mike Kirkland, Janet Kestin, Nancy Vonk, directors T Piper (treatment and post production) and Yael Staav (live action) from Reginald Pike, Soho post production, Rogue editing, Vapor music, Gabor Jurina and Make-up: Diana Carreiro, and Reginald Pike.

The official French copy of the ad has only received 132 views, although it was only uploaded on November 2, 2006.

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Freighter hits fishing boat in Gulf of Suez; thirteen dead

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A freighter hit a fishing boat around midnight on Sunday morning in the Gulf of Suez in the Red Sea. Of the 40 Egyptian fisherman on board, thirteen are dead and thirteen more missing.

Survivor Al Sayyed Mohamed Arafat told local media he jumped from the fishing boat, named Badr al-Islam, as the container ship approached. He says he hung onto a wooden crate for four hours before rescue. Local authorities have promised compensation to each survivor.

A vessel, flagged in Panama, suspected to be involved in the collision has been detained by the military. The army said yesterday one victim raised the alarm by phone and the military sent four boats and a helicopter to commence search and rescue off the Gabal al-Zayt coastline.

A plane has since joined the search. The military say the fishing boat lacked safety equipment for emergency communications.

The detained ship was found south of the Gulf, near the port of Safaga. It was carrying 220 tonnes of cargo according to the General Authority for the Red Sea Ports.

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Your Child Is A Late Talker It May Be Too Much Technology…

By ShariHarpaz, CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist, Ebeanstalk.comIveseen it more now than ever…children are talking much later thanthey used to. And I have a pretty good idea of why they are talkinglate. Go up to the mirror, and take a look…its our fault.Becarefull…the kids see what we do and often imitate it. And whetherparents like it or not, early language development is chieflyinfluenced by interaction with their children. Infants develop earlylanguage skills through engaging in vocal play. They learn thesatisfaction of communicating by going back-and-forth with a parentmaking sounds. Interacting with babytoys in a mutual way also contributes tolanguage development. As toddlers they develop vocabulary and learngrammar through language stimulation from their environment andinteraction with their family and peers.Here is the problem;in our busy world our dependence on technology and the need forinstant gratification has constrained these important interactionswith our children.Does this sound familiar? Well, this is theproblem… We text message our friends quickly when in a car.We check email on our phones and PDAs during family dinner.Children play portable video games or watch DVD more frequently. Allof these changes have changed the way families and friendscommunicate and this has negatively impacted early languagedevelopment for many young children. As a result, there has been asignificant increase in children who are late-talkers. Thinkback to when you were young. you probably played games and sang songsin the car to help pass the time. BUT…today technology is fillingour spare time. Cars have DVDs. Our kids have portable video gamesthat they play with for hours. And dont get me started on theyoung-ones having cell phones. Great inventsions absolutely – buttheir presence means there is less time for parents to take part inlanguagestimulation withtheir young children. This doesnt have to be the case. Thegood news is that in many cases all these children need to catch upis more one-to-one language stimulation with their family. Here aremy thoughts about making sure technology doesnt get in the way offamily time.1. Make up a story together Your child willhave to really listen and be creative to help create a cohesivestory. Decide as a family what the title of the story will be first.Then each person takes a turn telling the next sentence. 2.Play I Spy . Increase the difficulty of the game bydescribing the object rather than saying the label (i.e. I spysomething you ride with 2 wheels and handlebars). Hint: Make a rulethat you cant repeat the same object that someone has previouslysaid so that your child really has to pay close attention3.What did you do today? at the end of an active day, everyone cantell what their favorite and least favorite things they did were. Bysharing the good and bad moments it teaches children to vocalizetheir emotions. You, as parents, share your feelings too whichprovides your children with a great model.THIS REALLY WORKS:Take advantage of car rides when distractions can be kept out and youcan gain your childs undivided attention. Be creative and createan open environment for your children to communicate with you and forthem to learn. JUST HAVE FUN! Plain and simple fun.

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